ATF (english version)

Analytical Task Force

Mannheim Fire Brigade

The Analytical Task Force (ATF), part of the Mannheim fire department, is a collaboration between the city of Mannheim and the german goverment institution for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance (BBK).

The task of the ATF is the elucidation of loss events, in which the release of radioactive substances, biological agents or hazardous chemicals is expected. The Mannheim fire department provides the personnel and the base part of the technical equipment. This is supplemented by highly modern analytical equipment by the BBK.

The ATF units are the supplement to the exploration vehicles and decontamination units, also provided by the federal and state, which are stationed in all parts of Germany and can be requested by any head of operations in the context of assistance.

The ATF-Mannheim consists of members of the Mannheim fire department as well as volountary firefighters from Mannheim-Neckarau and has five vehicles.