Einsatzstufen der ATF (english version)

Tasks of the ATF

The operations of the ATF can be handled, depending on the kind of problem or acuteness, in three different degrees

1st degree

Advice via telephone by team leader ATF who knows the capabilities of his team. He has the expertise to give first advices for a correct handling on site.

2nd degree

Deployment of the exploration team, which can be transported airborne. This team is able to detect, to identify, to operate with databases and the team is able to organize specific answers with the assistance of the expert network.


3rd degree

Deployment of the complete team. The first task on site will usually be the identification of unknown substances. For this purpose the area will be scanned to identify contaminated places. At sites with a positive result samples will be taken and an identification will follow. If the unknown substance is identified, the circumference of the endangered site will be explored, for example with the help of the long- range distance detection device or with the help of sampling in air, water and soil. During the detection with handheld devices is running samples for later examinations in stationary labs are taken.

If the first analytical facts are available, the consultation of the officer in charge starts, concerning the themes operational handling, medicine an environment.